The X-Files season 11 may not be premiering until early 2018, but we have more verification now on filming for the show!

According to a new report from TVLine, David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, and the remainder of the cast will be back at work on the Fox series later this summer, and the story is already getting set behind the scenes. We already reported that Darin Morgan and James Wong are on board to work on episodes. Beyond that, Glen Morgan will also be returning, and Gabe Rotter (a former writers assistant), Benjamin Van Allen (another former writers assistant), and Brad Follmer (Chris Carter’s personal assistant during seasons 8 and 9) will be joining them.

Presumably, Carter will take on the writing duties for the start and end of the season, given that this is what he also did for season 10. Hopefully, these episodes are a step up in quality following the premiere episode “My Struggle,” which didn’t prove to be all that smooth a transition into the show after so many years away. Alas, you won’t be seeing more of Vince Gilligan, who is clearly busy at the moment with Better Call Saul (if for some reason you haven’t checked it out yet, you really should). It’s still our dream that he comes back and does one more episode, but it’s probably a pipe dream given that he has so many other things going on at the moment.

There are ten episodes for season 11 versus six for season 10, so the odds of there being more great episodes are higher thanks solely to the numbers advantage. This show still remains a premier destination for science fiction, and based on the season 10 ratings versus almost everything that Fox has had on the air since (other than maybe Empire), we’re certainly confident that this is a show that Fox is eagerly awaiting getting back on the air. It generates buzz, it has an evergreen quality, and it is one of those few shows that can tell standalone episodes giving viewers a chance to jump in and out of the show without getting lost. It’s actually better in this format than some highly-serialized entity.



  1. I’m looking forward to the new episodes but i’m not going to have high exceptions this time. Learned my lesson


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