As The Flash moves to reclaim some of its lost glory in season 4, one of the minds behind the show admits what he’d change about last season. When The Flash premiered, it was a nice counterbalance to Arrow, prioritizing fun and a gee-whiz tone that harkened back to the Golden and Silver Age of comics. Over the past two seasons, however, things have grown increasingly dark and dour. Luckily, the creators and writers are well-aware of the shift and its negative reception amongst fans.

We’ve already heard that season 4 of The Flash will aim to have fun again. Considering even Arrowhas a more optimistic tone these days, it makes sense for the Arrowverse’s most hopeful hero to return to form. That’s not to say there won’t be conflict, of course. Barry is still stuck in the Speed Force, and though he’ll eventually get out, he won’t be the same when he comes back. It seems as though the change won’t bring about anything too negative, however, as the producers are keenly aware of where they went wrong last season.

Den of Geek heard from The Flash executive producer Todd Helbing during SDCC last weekend and he talked a bit about how last season will inform the new one. Specifically, he admitted where things went a bit wrong with the previous story arc.

“One thing we probably would have changed would have been to reveal Savitar a little bit earlier, especially since Grant is so amazing with his evil, future version of himself. It became tricky but I’m certainly proud of what we did last season.”

While Helbing tries to save face and say that an earlier reveal of Savitar’s identity would have allowed star Grant Gustin to dig into the character more, that wasn’t really the issue. By the time the drawn-out plot was revealed, most fans had already guessed who Savitar was. Making it worse was how much the minds behind the show denied it in the weeks leading up to the reveal. Not to mention, the entire plot felt a little too convoluted and didn’t provide audiences with a character they knew or cared about in the time remnant of a future Barry.

Helbing also reiterated the move back towards a lighter tone, noting that season 3 is as dark as the show will ever go. The over-reliance on time travel will also take a back seat as new stories will be focused on. With time travel and speedsters being pushed aside, the show will get to address new plots and themes.

Aside from the Speed Force, season 4 will also focus on Barry and Team Flash battling the Thinker. With a more cerebral villain, the series will have a chance to take things in a different direction. There may even be a wedding in the near future, something that will provide plenty of joy and optimism for the heroes of the show. Hopefully, the course correction will work out in the show’s favor and fans will get the best version of The Flash in the upcoming season.



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