IT hits theaters September 8, 2017 but the movie is preparing for Halloween to come early with immersive experiences and awesome artwork like this new piece from artist Eduardo Valdivieso. The piece is part of an IT exhibit put on by Gallery1988 in Los Angeles from August 31 to September 3. The piece featuring Pennywise looks like something that crawled out of the artist’s nightmares… but in a good way.

The exhibit will feature several more artists’ depictions and interpretations of the new film and, likely, Pennywise. The look at the artwork arrives just as everyone is catching clown fever, with the ITtrailer breaking a record for most online viewings, and the film expected to set a box office record for September.

The look at Valdivieso’s artwork was first reported by Bloody Disgusting, and it delivers a horrifyingly awesome image of the demonic clown terrorizing the Losers’ Club in the story — both when they were children and later as adults. But allowing artists to deliver their own interpretation of the character is in keeping with the spirit of the film itself, which has the unenviable task of recreating an iconic character originally played (some might say to perfection) by Tim Curry. While Bill Skarsgård’s interpretation has its fans — director Andrés Muschietti being first among them — there are plenty who feel the updated look doesn’t quite match up with Curry’s. With any luck, Valdivieso and his fellow artists can change some minds by delivering stellar artwork like the image that’s seen below.

There were some who seemed skeptical of Skarsgård’s rendition of the living nightmare, and of Muschietti’s ability to successfully adapt King’s sprawling novel into a film that not only outdid the 1990 miniseries, but also lived up to the tantalizing promise of what might have been when Cary Fukunaga was attached to the project. So far, though, all signs seem to point to Muschietti finding the success that seemed more than a little unlikely just a few months ago.

With all the hype that’s been growing around the film over the past few weeks, this exhibit feels like a preemptive celebration of IT‘s release, as well as an opportunity for artists to pay homage to not only one of the most terrifying characters in horror, but also to Stephen King’s imagination, which remains scary no matter how you interpret it.



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